Rather than doing a traditional Bachelor’s Degree, some students chose to study for one year, towards a Certificate of Higher Education, or for two years, towards a Diploma of Higher Education. Although the courses are shorter than a degree, the teaching is the same and students may go to the same lectures and sit the same exams as Bachelor's students.

Your child can apply to undertake a CertHE and DipHE in the same way as a traditional degree, through UCAS. Similarly, tuition fee and maintenance loans are offered, see the Fees & Finance page for more information.

Certificates and Diplomas of Higher Education can lead to many respected careers. For example, students can enter allied medical professions, such as nursing and paramedicine with a DipHE. Furthermore, both Diplomas and Certificates can be ‘topped up’ with another year or two of studying to become a full honours degree.  

Additionally, students who intended to undertake a full degree but had to leave early may be awarded either a CertHE or DipHE.  

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