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1) What is iShine?

An one-stop-shop unique lifelong career-road mapping app. iShine empowers you to take control of your future by offering you a unique way to plan, track and manage your career. Moreover, iShine empowers individuals looking to change careers, those returning to work after a career break and graduates taking their first step into the world of work to discover and achieve their dream career. You can find more information about iShine here.

2) Is iShine free?

iShine is free to use. However, it contains free and paid partner (career and wellbeing coaches) resources that you can purchase.

3) I registered to use iShine and it said that an account has been created, but I can’t logon?

Have you activated your account? iShine will send you an email with a link or a code if you are using the mobile version. Activate the link or enter the code. If you still have a problem, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you did not receive an email in your Inbox.

Once your account is activated, you can then ‘log in’ with your login details.

4) Can I use iShine if I am under 16?

You can register to use iShine but you will be prompted for a parental email, so that we can get their consent. If no consent is received your account will be disabled.

5) iShine asked me for a postcode, but I am not in the UK. What should I do?

You can leave this blank. The postcode is used to find local jobs and colleges, so in your case you will get general information instead. You will get a message ‘Invalid Postcode’, but you can ignore this.

6) iShine asked me for my qualifications, but I only have my non-British qualifications. What should I do?

For A level, you can enter the subject with a grade equivalent to the A level. You can check out the equivalent grades here for a-level-equivalents. Similarly, for a university degree, you can enter an equivalent grade.

Qualifications are useful if you are at the beginning of your career but in the later years experience is more important.

7) When completing my degree details, I can’t find the Institution from the drop down list, what should I do?

The institutions in the drop-down list are in the UK. For non-UK institutions, you can leave this field blank.

Note: By leaving this field blank you will receive a message that says ‘Tag university not found’, so just ignore the message.

8) When completing my degree details, I can’t find the degree subject from the drop down list, what should I do?

Select the degree subject that best fits what you have obtained. You can do the same for your Master degree and grade/ qualification date can be your predicted grade in the future.

9) What is ‘Further Qualifications’?

These are recognised qualifications that you have, e.g. Level 4, Level 5 and training that you gained.

10) How does Eluceo make money?

Eluceo gets a commission on partner’s resources sold , referring to coaches when appropriate, and paid webinars and workshops.

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1) What are UCAS points?

The UCAS Tariff is the system for allocating points to qualifications used for entry to higher education. It allows students to use a range of different qualifications to help secure a place on an undergraduate course. Universities and colleges use the UCAS Tariff to make comparisons between applicants with different qualifications. Tariff points are often used in entry requirements, although other factors are often taken into account. To convert A Levels and the IB results into UCAS points see UCAS Tariff Tables.

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