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Since you are here, you may find relevant information within the Eluceo tools:

  • Eluceo Education is a web site containing information concerning the education system and resources within the United Kingdom, supported by related News and Blogs. The search facility at the top right hand of the online page enables you to search within this information. This information can be viewed from within a browser from your desktop or mobile.
  • Eluceo iShine is an application that enables you to manage your career. On registration you are asked details about yourself, which are used to identify your skills and suggest potentially suitable careers. This is intended to support you throughout your career, and enables you to add qualifications, experience and additional courses. The application also identifies online, local courses and local jobs which could enhance your skills, this is supported by a number of personal goals. Supporting this application is a search facility for online courses, local college course, universities and university courses, and local work opportunities. This application is available for your desktop and mobile phone.