Young people working on manufacturing

Companies value students that have some work experience before they start working. If you are a student planning to gain some work experience when you start college after the Summer break. Here is some information for you.

Work experience placements teach you what it is like to work in an adult environment. More specifically, you will learn about a particular industry and company. You will better understand what employees do on a day-to-day basis, what kinds of jobs are available in certain industries and organisations and which skills are required for those jobs.

By the end of a work placement, you will hopefully have an idea of whether or not you would be interested in working for the host company or industry and, if you would be, how best to go about it. Therefore, work experience can help you choose your A Levels, your higher education path and your future extra-curricular activities.

Even if you find that you are not interested in that particular industry, you will have learnt a number of transferable skills, which will help you when applying for future jobs, apprenticeships or university. You will have also had the opportunity to meet like-minded people and hopefully friends.

You can read a full article on work experience placements, including a list of companies work experience here.

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