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If you’ve gone through Clearing and been offered a place at a university you quite like the look of, you might want to think about visiting at an Open Day. Most universities hold Open Days the week after A-level results come in, to give you the opportunity to see what they are all about and help you make your mind up.

Although Clearing is competitive, universities set a deadline date so don’t feel compelled to accept a place straight away. Take time to make a decision, and one of the ways in which you can make your decision is by seeing the university in person. This gives you the ability to see what the place is actually like, and if you find it’s not for you it’s better to have found this out before you started your course and the prospect of spending three or more years there! 

Just like other open days, you’ll get to find out more about your course, and what it’s like to live and study at the university and city.  You’ll be able to view the accommodation options; meet admissions tutors; meet current students and hear about their experiences; view facilities such as the Students’ Union; and look around the surrounding area and town.

You’ll also meet people in exactly the same position as you, and be able to speak to them about how they have found the Clearing process. 

If you think in advance that you might not get the results you hoped for, universities list their Clearing dates on their websites in advance. If you are organised, search the unis you might like to attend which have Clearing spaces so that you can phone them up as soon as your results come in, and make the time to be able to visit them.