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Why you need a personal brand

Personal branding is the process of optimising and managing the way you are presented to others. With qualifications becoming less valuable, and more and more applicants for every job developing a personal brand, primarily through the internet and social media, is more important than ever.

It’s likely that when you are invited for an interview, or are being thought of as an ideal candidate for a role, the HR manager will Google your name, and make a judgement based on what they see. One way you can capitalise on this is to create a persona which sells yourself and what you want to achieve from your career, whether it’s short contracts or a permanent role. 

Furthermore, it’s estimated that 80% of jobs today are found in the informal job market, which means through networking and personal connections. In this way, your personal brand is the new CV and potential employers want to know that you practice what you preach, that your work is of a high standard, and that you fit in with their company.

You can build your personal brand by creating a website and sharing your knowledge and expertise, sprucing up your social media accounts, creating digital portfolios and sharing your thoughts on industry developments.