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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is set to join EdX, the online university platform, and will run finance courses which will be available free to students around the world. The IMF will run two courses in financial policy, aimed initially at government officials, with plans to make open it to the public next year. With the financial crisis, how public finances are run, unemployment, etc. has become a topic of interest to many. Designed to give the public an insight into the issues facing the governments’ finance ministers, the underlying aim is to improve public education on finances, and the public's understanding of finance to help tackle public distrust of the financial sector. Online courses will reac...The IMF already runs training programmes for staff such as central bankers and finance ministry officials, so the MOOC will make this information accessible to anyone with an internet connection. There will be online questions accompanied by discussion forums where students can share problems and get advice, and on completion students will gain a certificate.EdX is a not-for-profit partnership which already offers courses from more than 20 leading universities, but the IMF course is the first time that it will have been used to provide courses from an international governmental institution. Other institutions, corporations or NGOs may eventually move into this educational sphere and the introduction of courses from the IMF shows the blurring of boundaries around formal education. Source: BBC