There are so many different qualifications out there and they are changing all the time. The educational system no longer offers a black and white choice between academic study or work. Now that young people have to study in some form of education until the age of 18, there are a number of options which combine traditional study with workplace skills. Furthermore, it is no longer a case of A Levels being the 'best' or 'most respected option'. In fact, there are lots of qualifications that carry just the same weight as A Levels. The Educational Levels page shows how different qualifications relate to each other and what each qualification is worth. The Qualifications Explained page offers a detailed explanation of each qualification to help you understand what might be right for your child.

Confusingly, as well as individual qualifications, there are various options to group qualifications together into diplomas or baccalaureates. These work to better prepare students for future employment or education. There are lots of different packages out there, which can greatly advance your child's skill set in preparation for university or the world of work, and these are explained in detail on the Diplomas and Baccs page. Finally, there are a number of alternative qualifications that help students to prepare for university or the world of work, outside the classroom, these are detailed on the Alternative Learning page.

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