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Fundamentals of Accounting explores the main financial statements used in businesses, including profit and loss, the balance sheet and everyday adjustment. Learn the terminology applied in financial circles, the principles used in basic accounting and the systems put in place to ensure financial control is maintained. 

Advanced Competitive Strategy

Advanced Competitive Strategy, looks at how companies can build up and maintain their customer base by increasing switching costs and facilitating strategic customer lock-ins. You’ll find out how firms can increase their profits by pursuing suitable price discrimination and product differentiation strategies.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

Learn how to use Excel 2016 gather and transform data from multiple sources; discover and combine data in data mash ups; create data models; and learn how to explore, analyse and visualise the data, and share it to the Power business intelligence (BI) service after which it can be used in dashboards. 

Applied Operations Management - Aggregate Planning

Learn how aggregate planning is used in many businesses to match supply and demand of output over the medium time range of up to approximately 12 months in the future. Aggregate planning allows management to quantify materials and other resources that are to be procured so that the total cost of operations are kept to the minimum over a set period of time. 

Applied Operations Management - Introduction to Forecasting

Applied Operations Management - Introduction to Forecasting shows you why virtually all operations management decisions are based on a forecast of the future. Forecasts drive strategic operations decisions, such as choice of competitive priorities, changes in processes, and large technology purchases. Forecast decisions also serve as the basis for tactical planning and developing worker schedules. If you are working in the areas operations management or general management and would like to learn more about forecasting and the methods used to make predictive forecasts this course may be of interest to you.

Basics of Business Finance

In Basics of Business Finance Wall Street Investment Bankers teach you the fundamentals of a business and financial analysis so you can become literate in corporate finance topics to help you in your current job and for MBA interviews. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an effective and efficient online collaboration tool that connects work colleagues, business partners and customers around the world. It is a Flash-based software program and can be used for Web meetings, presentations, e-learning, webinars and screen sharing. This course helps you learn how to get connected and interact with people using VoIP communication systems, how to collaborate with work colleagues or customers, for example, by uploading and sharing files such as PowerPoint presentations, or writing and drawing on a whiteboard. It will help organisations who benefit from online collaboration increase productivity and save costs.

Introduction to Banking

Introduction to Banking is useful for anyone who would like to learn more about banking and how the global financial system operates. This course reviews the banking system, basic banking practices, and explains - at an introductory level - how international banking works as well as examining topics such as fractional reserve banking, reserve ratios, treasuries, leveraging, the Fed funds rates, and the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR).

Introduction to Public Speaking

Introduction to Public Speaking examines the principles of public speaking through critically examining your own and others’ speeches through interactive practice, principles which you can take with you on your next work assignment. 

Storytelling in Advertising

Storytelling in Advertising shows how using a narrative can make your brands and products stand out from the crowd. High profile creatives, including Sir Alan Parker, Peter Souter, Gary Hoff and Al MacCuish share practical advice about how to create compelling stories that sell products, brands and values. You’ll be guided through creating a narrative; communicating a brand through story; engaging your audience; and amplifying your message through digital. 

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