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One way of achieving this is through the Access to Higher Education (HE) Diploma. It is delivered in colleges in England and Wales and is available in a range of different subjects, such as nursing, social studies, law, and art and design. 

You might also like to look at more traditional qualifications which most students use to enter university, such as A-levels and Highers in Scotland. If you are looking to attend higher education after the completion of these courses it's good to think about what degree subject you want to study. This is because university courses have certain requirements, for example, some universities which offer Psychology require a science subject or maths at A-level (some ask for both!) so it's best to undertake both these subjects for your A-level to have the best chance of getting in. For more information about qualifications, please see our Qualifications page. 

In taking these subjects in preparation for university you will have had to have completed GCSEs. 

All of these courses can be taken full-time, part-time and via distance learning. 

If you are over 24 years of age and live in England you can take out a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, while if you study full-time you may also be entitled to Discretionary Learner Support which helps with accommodation, travel and childcare. For more information, please see our Lifelong Learning Funding page. 

Note that if you are especially looking to attend university for pleasure and are of an older disposition with a few years of work experience under your belt it is likely that you won't need these new-fangled qualifications. Please check with the university to see whether they are likely to accept you with your current qualifications and experience. 

You can undertake these core skills at your local further education college (you can search the National Careers Service to find your local college), or for more information about how to undertake these courses online please see our Distance Learning providers on the right.