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As employees, we all hear that upskilling is something that we should be doing, but why is it really that beneficial? Here are a few reasons that will certainly make it worthwhile.

Improving potential worth

Upskilling improves your potential worth to current and future employers. Whether you are in work and are looking to be promoted or move up the career ladder elsewhere, or are currently looking for employment, upskilling will show that you have fresh and relevant skills as well as the drive and dedication when it comes to your career. 

Improving job satisfaction

The skills that you learn can be put to good use in the workplace, making you feel more valued and in turn more satisfied. 

Improving confidence

Feeling as though you’ve got a purpose within the workplace will help you improve your confidence whilst understanding elements of your job and being able to help others out will also improve your confidence. If you are currently looking for work, upskilling is a great way to boost your self-esteem by helping you feel more accomplished and prepared in interviews. 

Recognising previous experience

If you’ve been in work for a while, upskilling builds on the knowledge you’ve gained both through your qualifications and your workplace experience. This acknowledgement helps you feel as though you are moving forward in your life and give your skills and experience a context. 

Professional development

Upskilling is an easy way to keep up with the latest trends and developments in your industry, especially as changes in technology and the workplace are moving so fast. Job requirements are changing just as fast, so upskilling can keep you in line with your future career path, as well as showing that you can adapt to your working environment and are prepared to take the time and effort to perform to a higher standard in the workplace. Many methods of upskilling offer a formal qualification and receiving that certificate can offer you a sense of achievement. 

Personal growth

Learning new skills and obtaining new knoweldge are great opportunities for self-improvement and self-discovery. Undertaking and finishing a course can offer a sense of fulfilment in and of itself, whilst you might find that you’ve found something really interesting you like which you’ll then want to learn even more about. Upskilling and developing your career can also give you a sense of purpose and a view of the bigger picture, especially faced with mundane, everyday tasks in the workplace.

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