Work shadowing is a really good way to give young people an idea of what your industry and business offers. Work shadowing programmes are less formal than work experience and require less of a time investment from the company involved. Rather than inviting a student to work alongside you for a whole week or month, you can invite them in for one day or a few days to give them a general idea of what you do.

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Every Work Shadowing Programme Should Include:

  • A one on one meeting between the young person and a member of staff: This allows the young person to understand what skills they will need in your industry and the business to better understand the skills that young people already have.
  • A varied and diverse programme for the day: There is no point in a young person coming into your office and sitting at a desk all day doing nothing. Organise for them to spend an hour or two with a number of different members of staff who can talk them through their job role. They should also sit in on a few meetings so that they can understand all aspects of the business.
  • A follow up meeting: Talk to them at the end of the day about what they learnt, what they thought of the industry and how the experience has impacted their plans for their future. If they are interested in joining a company like yours in the future, you can give them some guidance on how best to go about this.


How to Set up a Programme:

If you are interested in set up some work shadowing, it is a good idea to contact schools, colleges and academies in your area. You can also register the opportunities you have available on the Eluceo website. See our work with Eluceo (link) page for more information.


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