There are a number of different ways you can get involved with local schools, these may benefit your, the students or both. Working alongside schools, in any way, means that you can ensure that young people are educated about the workplace and understand the skills they will need, that they have these skills or know how to get them, that they understand the benefits of your particular industry and that they know enough about different industries and careers to make an informed decision when they need to.

Burntwood School in Wandsworth, London

Imae Credit: Timothy Soar

What you can get Involved In:

Mock Interviews- Many companies offer their services to schools for mock interviews so that students can understand what real interviews with real employers are really like. You can let them know how to make the most of their skills and achievements so that when they interview for real, later in life, they can really shine.

CV and Cover Letter Advice- Again, by helping students to write a good CV or Cover Letter, you can show them what employers are really looking for. You will be able to help them understand and show off their skills and highlight the gaps in skills that they have. This way, when they look for work in the future they will be prepared.

Industry Talks- By going into schools and talking to students about your industry and company, you can promote the opportunities you offer and ensure that you get the best workforce further down the line. The students will benefit because they will gain more knowledge about the different careers that are out there, better equipping for their future career decisions.

Careers Fairs- These again are used to promote your industry and the opportunities you offer, to the next generation. Again, you can better inform students about all the different careers they can choose from. Careers fairs can also be used to directly recruit for individual positions and programmes that you run.

Workshops- You can send members of staff into schools to run workshops related to your industry. There will help to develop the skills necessary to work in your industry. For example, as a graphic design company, you could run a design competition, honing students’ skills and helping you to identify which students you would like to work for you in the future.


How to Begin Working with Schools:

One of the best ways to form a relationship with a school is just to contact them directly and register your interest. However if you are unsuccessful, by signing up to the Eluceo network, we can become your intermediary, contacting local schools on your behalf.


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