Our biotechnology programme challenges young people to hypothetically design and develop an ice cream that smells like one thing and tastes like something else, called 'illusion' ice cream.

Based on their chosen flavour and fragrance molecules, teams of students are given a package of materials including strain and feedstock 'top trump cards' and a pathway map, and are tasked to work out how to create these molecules. 

Students are then tasked to design packaging for their 'illusion' ice cream. 

Typically the biotechnology programme would suit companies or departments associated with:

  • Biotechnology, including pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies
  • Product Design

What they say

"The challenge enabled students to independently research how they would produce the ice cream that smelt and tasted different."
Biology Teacher, Calthorpe Park School

"I really enjoyed being able to exlpore the real-world applications, guidelines and processes rather than being restricted in a school lab environment."
Year 10 Student, Calthorpe Park School

"I got a look into the world of science in a way I've never seen before."
Year 10 Student, Calthorpe Park School