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Why Offer Work Experience?

Work experience programmes are beneficial for both young people and employers. 29% of employers say that experience is critical when recruiting young people and a further 45% say it is significant. Lack of experience is the number one reason that employers turn young job applicants away and, along with attitude, it is the most important factor in hiring someone. Even more so than qualifications.

What You Stand to Gain:

  • Work experience programmes allow you to introduce a new generation of workers to the benefits of working in your sector.
  • You can also help to broaden the range and makeup of your staff further down the line by opening up your industry to people from different backgrounds.
  • Work experience allows you to provide young people thinking about working in your sector, with some of the skills and experience they will require in order to do so.
  • Through running a work experience programme, you also gain a better understanding of the types of skills that young people have and the ways in which they can help your company in the future.

What Young People Stand to Gain:

  • Work experience is pivotal in improving young people’s career prospects. Young people with four or more work experience-type activities under their belt are 6 times less likely not to be in education, employment or training.
  • Work experience allows young people to develop their “hard” skills on the most relevant and up to date equipment and their “soft” skills through real world experience.
  • After completing a work experience programme, they will be better able to understand the skills that they will need in the future and will therefore be able to make the most out of their remaining years in education.
  • Work experience informs young people of the different types of opportunities available in each sector, for example apprenticeships, and how viable these options are.
  • Because of the way in which jobs and industries have transformed in the last generation, career paths are less structured and clear cut. Taking part in work experience helps young people to navigate this increasingly complex job market.
  • Furthermore, the cost of higher education is increasing , meaning that the penalties for wrong career decisions are also increasing. Therefore, it is even more important than ever that young people have an understanding of different careers and are thus able to make informed choices.


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